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The Burning Serpent Oracle Deck by Robert M Place and Rachel Pollack Self Published

There are 40 cards in the Burning Serpent Oracle but they are numbered 1-38 because there is both a Man and a Woman card for #28 and for #29

Artist does not seal the deck in shrinkwap, book and deck both come but they are not packaged together

Price: $39.99
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    The Burning Serpent Oracle is the creation of Rachel Pollack and Robert M Place. It is an oracle deck based on the 19th century Lenormand cartomantic system but with a deeper spiritual dimension. It can be used like a traditional Lenormand deck and also allows for personal visionary interpretations. 

     The deck is designed by renowned Tarot artist, Robert M Place, creator of The Alchemical Tarot, and the book is authored by Rachel Pollack, author of 36 books, including 78 Degrees of Wisdom, originally published in 1980 and never out of print. 

    The deck and book are, in fact, a single work, conceived and created by Robert and Rachel working together. The price includes the 40 card deck and 258 page book together as one set.