Rare Cherry and Emerald Tanzurine Quartz
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This is a new find from Tanzania.

This is a very grounding stone but uplifting at the same time. It removes stress so you don't feel nervous or panicky. It then lightens your heart so you might feel a light euphoria of sense of well being.

Both colors are great for opening your heart chakra and allowing forgiveness of yourself or others. It helps you let go of past heartaches, especially from your childhood. It is a very joyful, soothing stone.

Surprisingly, it can help open the third eye for better intuition and increased psychic ability.

Small size approximately 1/2", Large size approximately 2"

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    Incredible energy and vibes, I purchased the cherry one. My only regret is that the emerald version was sold out when I placed my order. Highly recommend!

    very nice

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    <p>These 2 pieces are of very good quality and color. I just liked their appearance, they are making their energy known.</p>