This is the sold out 1st edition that was self published by Ciro. You can go on his website to find the free app that animates the cards and tells what they mean.
It comes in a nice pouch but does not have an instruction booklet. It is a beautiful deck!

The Fin de Siécle deck is based on the traditional German Kipper system and maintains the basic concept and numbering. However the visual setting has been adapted to the Victorian Period.

The deck consists of Ciro's visual adaptions of the original traditional Kipper images. There are some modifications and three additional images to the basic 36 plus a signature card .

The deck will also also incorporate the animated videos of each card. which can be viewed simply by pointing your smartphone or tablet at any given card. . This feature will require that you down load a specific app and sign up, you can get that link on Ciro's website.
Price: $79.99
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