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Mercury Retrograde Reversal Kit

This kit is designed to help ease the effects of Mercury Retrograde. It includes a Mercury Retrograde Reversal votive, oil and stones that will help reverse frustration.

It comes in a velvet bag

Mercury Retrograde Reversal Oil: Used as anointing oil or added to a spray, this little gem will help deter and protect against the negative aspects that can occur during a Mercury Retrograde period. Is excellent to use in situations where you can't burn a Mercury Retrograde Reversal candle but need the relief (offices and workplaces come to mind...).

Mercury Retrograde Reversal Candle:A new twist on the traditional "reversal" candle, these are used during the Mercury Retrograde period that occurs 3 times per year. When burned, they help to prevent, reduce, and reverse the effects of the Mercury Retrograde which can cause miscommunication, flaring tempers, problems with business and electronic devices, and just general chaos. Give them a try and get some peace of mind back during those hectic times!


Blue Lace Agate – Aides clear communication

Citrine – Organizes thought patterns

Tourmaline– Shields against negative energy

Chrysoprase – Harmonizes communication

Hematite – Grounds and absorbs stress

Clear Quartz – Clarity of mind

Moss Agate –Relaxes and calms

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    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:
    Calimesa, Ca.

    Murcury retrograde kit

    • Candle burns too fast
    Great smelling oil, nice rocks, cut candle.

    Beautiful Gifts!

    I purchased 2 of these sets both for friends of mine who were concerned about mercury retrograde. They loved the kits and have been using them regularly. Excellent quality! Wish I purchased one for myself!!!


    Two thumbs up!

    Good little kit to carry around during a mercury retrograde.

    Much appreciated

    • Fast shipping
    • Excellent value
    <p>This beautiful set comes in a gorgeous velvet pouch to store all the tools until the next retrograde. The oil has a pleasant, soothing scent and the crystals are high quality stones. I will be purchasing additional candles to have on hand for future use. So glad to have this kit in my magickal toolbox!</p>

    Retrograde Kit

    <p>I was very pleased with the quality of the items in the package, and the speed at which it was processed and shipped.</p><p>Thank you so much!</p>