1. Just Because
2. Gathering
3. Darkwing (Shaman in the City)
4. Grey Places
5. The Old Ones
6. Move to the Country
7. Gaia Circles
8. Sweet Emptiness
9. The Rede (An It Harm None)
10. Secret of the Crossroads Devil

11. Ravens

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    Pagan music that sounds like Peter Gabriel meets Bare Naked Ladies meets CSN with Bruce Cockburn on guitar.


    ".... I've finally found a Pagan/Gaian group that takes up the

    cloak (or should I say the guitar?) of the immortal pagan bard Gwydion

    Penderwen. ....has got my vote for Pagan/Gaian group of the year, if not

    the Millenium. --SageWoman Magazine

    "Gaia Circles takes a lively

    look at Gaian/Pagan beliefs and experiences, sure to appeal to a wide

    range of listeners.... Highly recommended." --PanGaia

    Wow! Gaia Consort's new CD is breathtaking." --Green Egg