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Astrology Sign pendants, each presented with 24″ ball chain and display tag.

The name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main characteristics of the sign inscribed on the other 3 sides.

Inscriptions on the 12 pendants:

Aries: dynamic, courageous, confident
Taurus: artistic, determined, sensual
Gemini: clever, curious, versatile
Cancer: dramatic, intuitive, romantic
Leo: flamboyant, honorable, creative
Virgo: intelligent, discriminating, skilful
Libra: charming, artistic, romantic
Scorpio: passionate, intense, hypnotic
Sagittarius: generous, optimistic, independent
Capricorn: youthful, ambitious, successful
Aquarius: spontaneous, inventive, intuitive
Pisces: compassionate, imaginative, creative

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