Lapis Lazuli: Increases psychic ability and promotes spiritual growth.
Jasmine Flowers: Enhances intuition and original thought. Restores capacity for creativity.
Kava Kava: Produces euphoria, visual and auditory hallucinations without impairing mental alertness.
Passion Flower: A sacred sedative.
Mugwort: A ids in achieving astral projection, psychic awareness and dreams.
Essential Oils:
Sandalwood: Intergrates the spirit with the senses--by quelling the analytical mind it frees the creative source.
Yarrow: A visionary oil. Improves psychic powers and draws he attention of those you want to see. It births the golden word through the receptive female matrix and enhances psychic dreams.
Tagette: The word is the source of all creation. Tagette births the golden word through the receptive female matrix. It enhances psychic dreams.
Clary Sage: Brings vivid recall of dream world. Allows inspiration to flow and restores lucidity. A euphoric oil that both relaxes and stimulates, creating mental and emotional uplift.
Lemongrass: Stimulates psychic awareness and sedates the central nervous system.

Marjoram: A sedative that facilitates ritual consciousness. Unifies the psyche and the conscious mind.

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