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    Jadeite is a form of jade that crystallizes in the form of grain masses and rare long pristamic crystals, The colors range from translucent emerald green, shades of green ranging from pale to deep, mauve , lavender, white, red, orange, yellow, black , blue green ,white with delicate green veining, This mineral was recognized by the Mayans & Aztec cultures as a sacred & magical stone it facilitates cohesiveness in the actualization of purpose, yellow jadeite represents aspects of protection and favorable fortune & harmony for your pet .providing for stabilization via grounding to the vast resources of the universe. Jadeite can acts as a bonding agent and assist both the cellular and skeletal structures, it also can assist in the reduction of pain in the sides, hips,& legs of your pet. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of the reproductive organs.
    No two stones are exactly alike