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    Aconite! a pretty poison to initate your Shamainc Death! The High Hat of the Lady falls under the guardianship of Lady Saturn, submerged deeply in the element of Water. Monkshood is an anitquated signature of corruption and death to the uninitiated. Used tirelessly by the aristocracy to eliminate troublesome adversaries, its poisonous properties were transformed into gracious life saving qualities through the Traditional Herbalist Witch in easing pain and regulating the heart. This hypnotic cure would calm the insane and transform the violent. Triggering such hypnotic stasis, the healer was enabled to quest into the depths of hidden emotions brewing insanity or destructive violence to initiate resolutions within the afflicted. Here lie the legends of werewolves and gypsy cures! 

    The transcendence of psychic healing is a form of Wolfsbane initiatory experience. It requires a strudy self awareness, fixed integrity and really... an outstanding courage to journey into your personalized tour of the Underworld. Of free will we walk into our own darkness to face what we're utterly in terror of. This is Wolfsbane's curse; to face the beast within us. Its gifting is in the transcendence of this fear in facing and embracing it. Its our Shamanic Death. Our initiation. 

    Life changing emotional transformation and growth results in considering, entering and facing our darkness within. All healing and Spiritual expression Traditions train and guide us into this self initiated experience. Its a greater evolution of our Soul. Our Ancestors used Aconite to initiate this process and it took considerable courage to consciously accept the challenge. It still does. 

    Whenever doubt or uncertainty begins to erode your self confidence or self esteem, reach for Wolfsbane Oil. It helps restore. Wolfsbane Oil is a special blending of specific plants to assist you safely into your 'flying' techniques. Wolfsbane is an initiation oil that can help restore your emotional balance. Wolfsbane is another consecration oil for your atheme or boline, awakening them for your charge!