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    Ah! So you've some trouble following you around? Reach for your Rue! How does Rue break the hex so effectively? When it's one will against another, you're experiencing the irresistible force meeting the immovable object! But how to resolve it? 

    Rue is all about personal power and integrity. Rue will fortunately help call the ancient Web Weaver to our aid. She illuminates the web as we've woven it; with her guidance we discern where and when the choices of our past have manifested what is our Now. How does this help us to break a hex, avert nastiness towards our person and resolve the malevolence aimed at us? The Weaver shows us that point of choice manifesting the dissonance we created with another, letting us amend our choices towards resolution. Its always within us to accept or repel energy... with the help of Rue we find clarity for this purpose. So when you're facing such a situation, calmly use Rue Oil to understand, transmute your intentions and release the negativity!

      Rue brings a special clarity and Ah ha! A sturdy companion during troubled times, you can depend on Rue to help you re-establish your personal self awareness and commitments. Rue engenders a rare sensual quality to accurately put us in touch with our personal ideals and values. 

    Rue sensually awakens our primitive resources within, thus instilling a sense of deep resolve to face and achieve our purpose. In this way, Rue is formidable as a tool of self empowerment and grasped quickly to ward off psychic attack. The ability to reflect these energies, mirroring them back to their source is a fine description of "rue-ing". Rue gifts choice: reflection or transmutation? Make your choice; just don't 'rue' it!