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    Money! When this blending is rendered, gold and silver coins rain into it between worlds to help you manifest your good fortune, with the proper application. Anoint your wallet! Your bankbook! Your stock reports! Your tools of daily Craft. Each time you apply Money Oil remember to cast your intentions in visualizations of the many ways your purse is filled; the money you happily part with returns threefold! Cultivate your attitude for abundance. You can do! There are no boundaries, no limitations and no fears to cloud your fortunate enterprising! 

    The green, orange and red candles work very well in money candle spells. Dress with a goodish amount of your oil. When you do a focused ritual towards manifesting, a small gold or silver candle for your focus adds assured resonance. Create a sachet to keep in your tools, your briefcase, or your knapsack ...potentize your energies with scentual reminders! There are many ways to direct your energies in manifesting money...your oil will serve you in a reciprocal effect with consistent reminders as you apply a sachet and candle to assist your work. 

    Manifest your dreams!

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    Love this oil

    • Fast money oil
    • great price
    <p>This oil is the REAL THING.. works fast and helps with focusing intention on specific amounts as well. I have used it daily and I will NEVER run out!!!</p><p>Laverne</p>