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    This root is feminine under the guardianship of exotic Venus, influenced by the element of Water. Orchid root's common properties include employment, luck, travel and attraction. The orchid flower endow's its' root with the exotic properties of enchantments. Use Lucky Hand Oil in charms, sachets, totems and talismans' to imbue it properties. Lucky Hand is a good choice for 7 day candle dressings relating to gaming and to manifest your plans for travel. When you're going out for an afternoon or evening of gambling or off to purchase your lottery ticket... rub a bit of Lucky Hand into your recieving palm to draw what you wish to come into it. Remember to use your imagination when desirous of drawing anything into your hand. The orchid's root is a legendary food for the Satyr, a lusty companion to the nymph! Here's the property of lust and passion associated with Lucky Hand. It's use as an aphrodisiac and in exotic love making are invoked to bring pleasure and delight to the pursuit of love. Or perhaps you're thinking of just a simple evening's adventure? Lucky Hand Oil can be used to help you draw the persuasive energies of longing, desire and bewitching moments into your adventures! Are you looking for a new way to re-ignite fun and romance in your intimate relationship? Try a pink candle with Lucky Hand! 

    Are your trying very hard to gain that certain someone's attention? Place a charming encounter within a pink, baby blue or orange candle dressed with Lucky Hand! Remember to always work in the highest good! All of these properties are enhanced by the root's graciousness. We recommend Lucky Hand for employment, travel, gambling, Spring's endowment of new life and lively adventures!