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    Romantic Black Nightshade! Delicious Devil's Eye! Gentleman have been known to go skyclad a gathering Henbane just to secret it within his shirt to draw his true love to him! How utterly charming! You have to pause for that... 

    Black Nightshade is a feminine plant under the guardianship of Lady Saturn influenced by the element of Water. Plunge into your Shadow Self! This shamanic oil will assist you to explore your darker nature and work to resolve your issues of fear. Use this vibrational blending to enter serious journeywork and protect your sacred space during the exercise. 

    Courage and vision are initiated using Henbane Oil, enabling you further into the Astral plane. One of the notable assets' of this journeying technique is in passing through the veils of glamour used to hide all manner of personal deceptive subterfuge; the shifing eye, pursing lips, play of the hands... a new adeptness for deciphering body language unfolds. Henbane Oil will tweak you to these little triggers of your psychic gifts. 

    Another diligent property of Black Nightshade is in it's ability to help you find your way back through the many veils of time into past lives. This is an excellent regression scent to work with. Using meditative techniques and creating a reflective environment you can put Henbane Oil in a vapor lamp or apply directly to your Third Eye for effective introduction into your past. Henbane will assist you inspiring key visualizations, help to awaken the inner Weaver surveying your web and keeping your symbolic memeories to trigger your regressive flow.