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    The Hawthorn is a masculine tree under the guardianship of Mars influenced by the element of Air. Under the canopy of Hawthorn an expansive comprehension shifts us with a new grasp of our inner truths or in understanding of the order of nature. It lends us a wisdom into many new insights. The properties of Hawthorn include Light heartedness, upliftment and release from fear! The scent and resonance of Hawthorn is closely associated with the manifestation of the Fay or deva's. Whenever you're out exploring Nature, use Hawthorn Oil to gift and attract the Fay; perhaps you'll find your ring or doorway of entry! 

    This oil performs well for fertility spells and house blessings; its thought to inspire fortunate occurrences. Hawthorn is a curious bedfellow to fidelity... used by the traveling spouse to instill the vital memory of love. Hawthorn is a Ghostbuster's efficient tool! The Thorn will banish unwanted or unfriendly ghosts (lost ones clinging to the physical dimension) by charging the environment with positive lifeforce attractant. 

    For the ancient Irish, Hawthorn was an effective fish hook, its thorn providing the with a magnificent catch and thereby creating the legend among fisher folk in the power of a pocket full of Hawthorn for assurance of a good catch. If you're in need of a magical 'hook'... use Hawthorn! Whenever stormy weather threatens, remember the olde property of weather protection in Hawthorn. Lest we should forget it's high value in the olde religion, this is a preserver of the 'Wood' by Oak, Ash and Thorn! When Lamas arrives so unexpectedly, Hawthorn imbues the perfect quality to celebrate with