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    "Low John" is a masculine root under the guardianship of the Sun and Mars influenced by the element of Fire. This root is a lusty attraction and compliment included in enchantment or love philtre's and spells... Equally it will attract money into your pocket! Combined with Dragon's Blood, you have a powerful amplifier ingredient for just about any use! 

    When you're going out for an evening of gaming, or off to purchase your lotto ticket... Anoint your money with Galangal Oil to assist your winning energies. Create a gaming or luck mojo! A few well chosen coins, green cloth to wrap them in...enchant them in....anoint with Galangal Oil and any other choice such as High John, Devil's Shoestring... and drop the token into your purse or pocket! 

    When you're interested in attracting someone special; the noticeable orange or red candle spell with Galangal dressing assists your carnal desires to find their intended! (Can't guarantee it will be reciprocal!) Galangal is a vigorous promoter! Remember to always work with good intentions. 

    Many ceremonial magicians use this oil for the alter... while it serves nicely; attraction, money, protection and the ability to perceive when others have directed negative energy in your direction remain it's best properties. It's a fine oil for consecration of your pentacles or to initiate ceremony.