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    Deadly Nightshade takes you into the darkness of the Underworld to rediscover the GrandMother and GrandFather Ancestors who wait there to teach and guide us. Belladonna has the mercurial ability to activate astral journeys, scrying (remote viewing techniques) and clairvoyance... instilling a skill for the visionary arts. 

    Belladonna is one of the most traditional Witch's herbs' under the feminine guradianship of Saturn and influenced by the element of Water. Nightshade's are a preferred consecration herb for Divination tools; gifting a great bonding, a steadfast charge and awakening empowerment Use it on your blades or energy directors! 

    With it's resolute Netherworld connections, Deadly Nightshade Oil will assist you through the veils on Samhain into communion with your Ancestors. 

    Belladonna is the most potent visionary oil in your cupboard.