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    The balsam is a feminine plant under the guardianship of persuasive Venus and expansive Jupiter, influenced by the element of Water. In ritual it can heal your broken heart, attract love to you, purify your intentions or protect in awakening your awareness. Balm of Gilead works as an excellent all-purpose anointing agent in casting with your candles. Cleanse the candle first, a bit of sea salt will do, empowering with your White Light charge. 

    Native American Medicine has used this small bud and the whole plant as a vital life force manifester for thousands of years. Chewing a 'Bam bud' was a Tradition prior to sitting down in Counsel or parlay. What wisdom do they know? 

    The quality of Venus in the Bam Bud awakens your social graces! How it's potency manifests when it's singled out to empower the voice of your eloquence! A goodish tool in reading other within a dense social environment. Use Balm of Gilead Oil when publicly speaking, teaching or presenting in a social situation. Enchant your audience! The graciousness of Balm will assure you!