Depicts highly detailed double wingless dragons with Sun and Moon Symbols.

Plaque measures 11" in Diameter and has 2 hooks on the back so you can choose which end faces up!

Alchemy implemented Allegory, which explained reactions through symbols. This means that a picture - the most common being a dragon devouring a sun - would represent a certain chemical reaction taking place. This method was used to stump those who were not truly dedicated to the work of alchemy. In some cases, however, it would also prevent the educated alchemist.

The symbol for Mercury is the caduceus, which is two serpents entwined upon a rod. This is derived from Greek mythology, using the story of Mercury, the god's messenger, and his intervention between to fighting serpents. This symbol was depicted both with and without wings. This was probably due to Mercury's volatile state, for which it also carried various names.

The dragon and various serpents were used in alchemy often. This could be simply because of its role in the symbolism of religion. Most alchemists were extremely pious men who wanted to explore science, and they never really discarded the spiritual world from the physical world in order to study. In addition, alchemists were probably influenced by the dragon's dracontia, which alchemists believed would help in the making, in part, of the philosopher's stone.

In Arabic Alchemy, the salamander is a symbol. The prima materia displays this creature roasting in a fire. This could do with the Wiccan belief of that the salamander was the creature that represented fire. In any case, the alchemical symbol represents the frustration of analytical work.


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