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    The Witch's Broom Wand Set for Claiming Your Power, Healing, Remembering the Burning Times, Power, Craft and Magick.

    Brooms and pointed hats are traditional symbols of witches and wise women. Both are symbols of the Witches' Power, Knowledge and Magickal Tradition. Your Witch’s Broom Wand and Hat placed upon your altar or other sacred space will be reminders of the Wise Witches who came before us.

    This amazing Witch's Broom Wand Set was created by Abby Willowroot in 2001 to honor the Witches and Wizards who lost their lives during the Burning Times. Much of their knowledge, magic and power has survived and been passed down to us because of their extraordinary courage. The pagan community would come together for ceremonies to ensure healthy crops. During the ritual they would mount pitchforks, poles, and brooms; and ride them like horses into the fields, leaping high into the air and dancing. During medieval times brooms were a symbol of female domesticity. Since most witches were female, the broom became intrinsically linked with Witches. These powerful Witches and Wizards of Europe are ever present at our rituals and in our thoughts, we honor them in our magickal practices. In modern times, brooms are reminders of the power and unlimited possibilities of the Wiccan path. We celebrate the magick of Witches, Seers and Wizards from all cultures.

    The Broom is 13 inches long and can stand upon your altar when you are not using it for spell work. The Hat measures 4 inches tall is a perfect candle snuffer for extinguishing flames. The Hat can also sit atop the Broom, making it even taller. This Witch's Broom and Hat are a powerful and reverent addition to any Witches' Altar.
    Both are cast in the finest 100% lead-free pewter here in the US.

    This is a powerful, yet simple magic wand that calls forth the powers of the Witches, both ancient and modern. Shaped like the traditional round broom, the large Witch’s Broom Wand is a wonderfully versatile spell casting tool. The Broom straw part of the Wand is hollow, so that you can insert your Spell.You can write your spells on a small piece of paper and place them in the broom before casting your spell. The spell can remain in the broom when placed on your altar. Both the Witch’s Broom Wand and Hat can stand on an altar, separately or the hat can be placed on top of the broom when standing... reminders of the Wise Witches who came before us. The hollow Broom also is great for "charging" your special witchy jewelry pieces, or blessings herbs. The hat can also be used for storing small herb packets or stones.

    This Wand comes with a Wand Booklet with instructions for dedicating Your Wand, and a certificate of authenticity. There are also instructions for Special Spell Casting methods to be used with this Wand and other uses for this powerful metaphysical tool.