The Crescent-Crowned Goddess is a classic image of the feminine divine power on

earth. Our statue is designed in the form of a herm, which in ancient times was

a sacred object of stone. Over the course of time the sacred herm stone

gradually evolved into the form of a god or goddess. This herm of the

crescent-crowned goddess captures her rustic character and honors the ancestor

connection to this ancient pagan goddess-form. The base of the Crescent-Crowned

Goddess statue features the words “I evoke the dark sacred night.” This denotes

the lunar nature of the goddess, which is at the core of many feminine deities

of pre-Christian European paganism. This primal and rooted nature makes our

statue the perfect choice to use as a representation of your venerated goddess

or personal patroness. The crescent-crowned goddess concept is featured

prominently in pagan religion. Such deities are linked to nature religion themes

as well as to Celestial and Underworld natures.

The power of the lunar symbolism transfers an astronomical nature to the

Crescent-Crowned Goddess, and as such is a powerful primal image to convey with

our unique statue The Moon Goddess is known to many cultures by many names

including: Annit, Arianrod, Artemis, Artimpaasa, Athenesic, Auchimalgen,

Britomartis, Candi, Caotlicue, Chang-o, Dae-Soon, Diana, Europa, Gnatoo, Gwaten,

Hanwi, Hecate, Hina, Ishtar, Isis, Ix, Juno, Lalal, Luna, Mah, Mama Quilla,

Mawa, Metztli Pandia, Pheraia, Rabie, Ri, Sardarnuna, Selene, Teczistecatal,

Titania, Yellow Woman,Yemanja, Yohuatliceti, Yolkai Estsan, Zarpandit, Zirna

These statues are ideal for your altar, shrine, or a unique piece of statuary

for the home. They are part of The Crossroads Collection, a line of products

based upon the oracle decks The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path created by

authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor (originally illustrated by artist

Mickie Mueller) in union with artist Maxine Miller's artistic vision to bring

these images to life.

12.5 inches

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