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  •  Preorder March Mystical Mystery Box "Spring Equibox" ships around the 15th - MBOX
  •  Preorder March Mystical Mystery Box "Spring Equibox" ships around the 15th - MBOX
  •  Preorder March Mystical Mystery Box "Spring Equibox" ships around the 15th - MBOX

Like Surprises? Our Mystical Mystery Box will delight you!

We include things like incense, candles, crystals, jewelry, oils and other mystical treasures!

Take a chance and see what goodies you get!

March "Spring Equibox" will ship around the 15th.

Comes in $25 Treat Box, $50 Premium Box and $100 Elite Box
Sorry, Discount codes cannot be used on the boxes (they just cost too much to make).

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Overall Customer Rating of 33 Reviews:

January Dreams & Hopes

I loved this box! Its the first one I have done. It is amazing! I enjoyed the letter with explanations and suggestions of what was included. I was giddy to get started! The smudge stick, incense, and bath salts were great. I enjoyed the candle and other tools included! The stones were perfect! The really fit with where my life is at and what I am working on/towards. The flying wish paper was neat, something I had not seen and was fun to share with my children.

New Mexico, USA

Jan Mystical Mystery Box

  • Price
  • Variety and number of items included
  • Personal touch
This is the third Mystery Box I've ordered and I've savored (and yes, that's the word that describes opening them up and going through them) every one. The prices are great for what I've received (and I've tried the $25, $50, and $100 boxes). The included letter about the products and the month's theme feels very personal and well thought out. A couple of things with scents haven't been favorites, but those have found homes with someone else who loved them, and even if I haven't found them to my liking them I've liked the opportunity to try out the different fragrances; something I probably wouldn't really have done otherwise. I may not be able to get one every month, but I will continue to get them as often as I can.


  • Everything
  • Having to wait a month for the next box
I absolutely loved everything in the January mystery box! I felt,like everything was picked specifically for me and had a feeling like someone knew what I needed even,before I did!

Great items for the price

  • Amount of items you get
  • Types of items included
  • Variety of items
  • Parchment
  • Notes with information
  • Candle too strong scented
  • Candle too feminine scented
Overall, the January magical box came with many great items for the price! For $25 you get a generous amount of items. From what I recall I got a nice votive candle, a very fresh sage bundle, a piece of candy, aura incense, a talisman/coin, several tumbled stones, bath salts, wish papers, a necklace with a dandelion seed, and a few more items. You also get some parchment that describes each item, why it's included and how to use each item. I love that! I do have a complaint about this months (January's)'s overpowering in the scent and it's too flowery/sugary. As a male, I am very sensitive to such womanly scents so I burnt my candle for about 3 hours or so but stopped and I don't plan on burning it again. The scent was starting to give me a headache so I put it out after a while. Unfortunately, it barely made a dent. I was disappointed. I am not going to burn this candle for the sake of getting a headache. So my only suggestion would be to get more earthy or even unscented candles. Possibly offer that as an option. Scented/Unscented and maybe tell us what the scent of the candle is. So yeah, the candle got thrown out after barely burning it. Otherwise, everything else is fantastic!


January Magical Box

  • Aroma!
  • Gemstones
  • Sage!
  • Themed
Best Mystery box I've ever got! I love that it comes with detailed instructions, and a theme! Everything was just magical!