Mystical Mystery Box
  • Preorder May Mystery Box shipping around May 15th - MBOX
  • Preorder May Mystery Box shipping around May 15th - MBOX
  • Preorder May Mystery Box shipping around May 15th - MBOX
  • Preorder May Mystery Box shipping around May 15th - MBOX

Like Surprises? Our Mystical Mystery Box will delight you!

We include things like incense, candles, crystals, jewelry, oils and other mystical treasures!

Take a chance and see what goodies you get!

Comes in $25 Treat Box, $50 Premium Box and $100 Elite Box 

The pictures are from past boxes (November "Gratitude Box" and December "Comfort and Joy" Box.)

Other items purchased on the same order with the boxes will ship when the boxes ship.
Sorry, Discount codes cannot be used on the boxes.

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Florida / former Papillionite

March Magical Mystery Box

They've done it again, those beautiful souls at Magical Omaha! What a wonderful Spring/Ostara themed box they sent this month :-)

The Emerald Incense is a blissful blend of grass after a rainfall, when all the wonderful perfumes of the earth and the fallen drops from the sky combine and softly waft upward for us to inhale all the delicate pleasures it has to share with us.

The sandalwood bracelet looks like it would be clunky... but, it is surprisingly light on the wrist. Mine, when rubbed between the thumb and forefinger, has the beautiful lingering scent of the box contents.

The candy "rocks" are delicious! I have seen them before, but I had never tried them. They are half gone, as I am trying to make them last... not sure I will be able to hold out much longer!!

I love the little pouch of Lucky gemstones. Sadly, the tip broke off the black tourmaline, so now I have a small stone, and a micro stone! I was so happy to receive the moonstone, tourmaline and turquoise. I do not have these in my collection yet. The tiger eye that was also in the four pack of gems is beautiful. And, BONUS! slipped in between the papers of the packaging, there was a nice black mesh bag to keep them in :-)

The spring spell is like a breath of fresh air.... light, lively, and fun. You can't help but wear a huge grin when you read it!!

Basil is one of my favorite herbs!! It was wonderful to receive a small packet of seeds and a peat growing disc for them! I already have some basil started this year, but will use them when the weather starts getting a bit colder and grow them inside.

I have already put the moth pin on a lightweight jacket that I wear year round here in Florida. It is beautiful. The wing design reminds me of the phases of the moon.

The blue candle does have a beautiful scent... I have already burned half of it. Very light, not overwhelming like I find a lot of candle companies can be.

The bird/crystal hanging is very special to me.... I have been a bird watcher since working at The Massachusetts Audubon Society in high school. I have the distinct pleasure of seeing Sandhill Cranes almost every day here in our little community. They were such a treat to see in Kearney, NE, once a year!! I also have a beautiful female Cockatiel that shares her home with me!! LOL. Seriously, she is the best companion anyone could ever love.

Apparently, the box color will stay purple for a while... I say, keep them purple forever!! Purple is a great color (and my favorite!). Honestly, and seriously, Cindy, I know you love to change the color of the boxes each month... it is so fun!! However, the color of the box is not what matters, it is the love and care of the items you put inside for us that make all the difference.

Thank you Magical Omaha for the truly magical boxes you send us.


Florida / former Papillionite

1st Monthly Magical Box

My first Magic Box arrived yesterday.  I am absolutely, over-the-top thrilled with this box!  I adore EVERYTHING in it!!  It was filled to the brim with wonderful, useful items for a beginner or a seasoned witch. 

The box, representing a slice of all four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, is Brilliant!  

Upon opening, the whole box had a beautiful aroma.  I believe it was the Sweetgrass (which I used a small amount to cleanse the stones, the box , and myself - already).  However, it may have been the Black Magic incense, or the combination of the two.  It was almost dill-like in essence.  I immediately opened the incense and started one.  The air in the house was filled with the wonderful scent of the woodsy, floral stick.  No intention for that piece of incense was set, except to experience the new "flavor" while I explored the rest of the box.  

Which brings me to the next item..

The meditation necklace is both fascinating and fabulous!  I love spinning the rings, it really does focus my intention on just one action.  It will be very useful for meditation, as I do quite often have difficulty clearing my mind. By the way, I would not recommend spinning the rings while driving!!  At a red traffic light, maybe!  Lol.

You sent not one, but 9 candles - and included a candle holder with it as well.  Wow!  I adore the candle color page!!  I am adding it to my Grimoire.  It is nice to have a reminder of each color at my fingertips. Not just for candle magick, but, as you pointed out, also for decorating and fashion sense! ? 

The shell is so beautiful and interesting.  I tried to hear the ocean,  as I do with all shells of that style, and a faint sound did come back.  🐚

The Chinese Writing Stone is absolutely beautiful and fascinating. I have never seen one before!  The green "writing" looks as if it is set on a blackboard background.  I think everyone should carry one of these in their pocket to encourage life's challenges, whether small or large, to heed the emotional strength that it brings them.

The Scenic Quartz/Lodalite has an intricate and artistic design inside, especially when held up to the light.  Quartz are always a wonderful stone to have. I look forward to holding it during today's morning meditation.

I have not eaten the fruit snack yet, but it looks delicate and delicious!  I will split it with my 89 year old mother, who lives with me,  as she likes a banana every morning, and she ran out yesterday!  Mine is banana flavored, in case you hadn't guessed 🍌.  

I also am enjoying the self-cleansing spell that you sent in the box. It is one that can be used everyday if one wishes to do so.  It will be great for a self-spring cleaning. 🌱

Thank you for taking the time to send detailed pages of each boxed item in your letter, and for the little explanation card of each stone sent. These pages will be helpful reminders to me of each item in the box, as the my memory isn't always the greatest!

I think this is the perfect box for anyone to receive, whether they are a novice or advanced in the craft.  

Thank you SO much!  I am only sad that it will be a month before the next one arrives!


Amazing as always!

New year box!

Love love loved the new year box!! Great candle and crystals!!! They really hit for what i was needing at this time! Perfect!!🥰

This box was amazing and I loved it.