The gemstones used in this pendant embody the key elements of Saint Bridget Goddess of Ireland The center stone, a deep red garnet signifies the eternal fire and the creative force deep within every woman and man, moonstone, to shine light into the subconscious and awaken intuition, and peridot for renewal and continuity.

Saint Brigid of Ireland was born in AD 450 in Faughart, in Co. Louth. Her father, Dubhthach, was a chieftain of Leinster and named her after the most powerful goddess of the old pagan religions; Bridget, Goddess of fire, spring, fertility, healing, poetry, and smithcraft.

Legend tells us that from childhood Saint Bridget was bound for a life of celibacy and devotion, and around 470 AD Bridget founded a double monastery, for nuns and monks, in Kildare.

As Abbess of this foundation, she wielded considerable power. The Abbey of Kildare became the most prestigious monastery in Ireland and was famous throughout Christian Europe

Brigit or Brighid, whose manifestations of song, craftsmanship, and poetry were considered the flame of knowledge by the Irish continued the Goddess’s tradition by keeping the “eternal flame” burning in her temple at Kildare, on whose foundations it is said she built her famous monastery. Today the flame is tended by the Brigidine sisters in their centre Solus Bhride, in Kildare.

Saint Bridget later founded many other convents all over Ireland, the most famous being the one in Co. Kildare.

St Bridget`s feast day is celebrated on the 1st of February or Imbolc, the festival of the quickening seeds of new life.

The pendant comes with an 18″ chain and is presented in our lovely satin lined Angel Jewelery box.

2" x 2"

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