Rosarium Blends makes their own ritual incense and essential oil blends using the finest herbs, woods, resins and essential oils. All formulations are original recipes and the result of extensive historical research, practical experimentation and magical studies.

Each incense and oil is blended and charged during the appropriate lunar phases and astrological correspondences to enhance the potency and increase the heightened awareness they are designed to awaken during use, and to elevate and enliven the senses. Each serving as a direct link to the inherent energies its charm embodies.

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Summoning Spirits Incense
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Incense Blend by Rosarium Blends Conjuration incense used for evoking spirits of past and present. Ingredients: Opoponax, Basil, Rosemary, Life Everlasting, Dittany of Crete & Damiana

Swift Lite Charcoal 33mm
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~ Incense Burning Charcoal Display ~ 10 Charcoals per roll

The Rosarium
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Incense Blend by Rosarium Blends The alignment and transmutation of the heart, mind & spirit. The Conjunction of will and fate. The complex Labyrinth of the heart ~The Great Work. Specialty Blend~ Ingredients: Damascus Rose, Black Storax, & Rose Petals

Witch Moon Incense
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Incense Blend by Rosarium Blends Lunar sensuality, psychic and woodsy. Aligns one with the energies of the Witch Mother. Opens psychic sensors, accessing clairvoyance and magick. Use for ritual during any lunar phase. Ingredients: Frankincense, Camphor, Wormwood, Jasmine, Karraya, Willow, Mugwort & Sandalwood