Shasta Style Feather Earrings
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Cosmic Attunement Winged Yogini Earrings
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Yoginis align the body, mind and spirit through meditation and other yogic practice. She is skilled at accessing sacred attunement with every sensation in her body. The Yogini acts as a conduit between the physical and metaphysical realms through her ability to perceive and travel the mystic roads. She understands and aligns herself with the inherent Spiritual nature of the world. Yoginis are constantly elevating the human condition to one of grace by aligning it with the essential feminine...

Vital Beauty Winged Shamaness Feather Earrings
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The Shamaness is a shape-shifter who can commune with the ancestors. Her heightened ability to travel in the etheric and energetic realms makes her a custodian of the Spirit. A Shamaness has a strong telepathic connection with other humans, animals and the forces of the natural world. She can travel the luminous paths of spirit and bring back fresh images and insights from the more subtle energetic dimensions. The Shamaness knows how to open and expand the senses to perceive and interpret the...