A 2020 Year-Ahead Tarot Spread

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By Beth Allen

As 2019 draws to an end and we begin a new year on the Gregorian calendar, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the one ahead. As we hang suspended on this past/future timeline shift (The Hanged Man), it’s good to find balance (Temperance). We can feel more whole by allowing the good memories from the past year to warm our hearts (Cups), letting the bad ones offer us lessons for our year ahead (Swords), moving forward into the upcoming year with an enthusiastic spark (Wands), and methodically processing the wisdom we’ve gained (Pentacles).

Traditionally a time of goal-setting, it’s helpful and interesting to do a Year-Ahead Tarot Spread. If you didn’t do this spread when it was posted in celebration of Samhain, this winter could be the perfect time for you to take out your favorite deck and do a reading. I like to set up my space with incense or palo santo, candles, music, and tea. Next, choose a significator card. This card represents you in the spread. It can be any card you want, for example, it could be your natal card, your astrological card, or a Court card you identify with. It also could be a goddess card, an ancestor card, or a constellation card. It’s whatever card in whatever deck that calls to you.

Place the significator on your table or space. This card will be in the middle of your spread. Shuffle your deck (can be the same deck or a different deck). When you feel ready, pull 12 cards and place them in a circle around the significator card without looking at them, starting with January through December 2020. Turn the cards over one by one (month by month). Write down the cards on a calendar or in your journal to remember them and throughout the coming year refer to the card you pulled that month for meditation, study, pathworking, shadow work, or simply as a jumping off point for more readings. I set out the card for the entire month in a place I will see it. It’s also interesting to see if the card is a good fit for what’s happening in your life during that month or, if the card holds a lesson for you, to try and incorporate that card’s message mindfully throughout that month.

If you wish, you can add an oracle deck to the reading, randomly pulling a card for each month to complement, deepen, and enhance the meaning of the tarot card. Enjoy!

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