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Fabulous Unique Jewelry

This wonderful pieces offer beautiful stones and great designs! Free Shipping on US Orders Over $70!


Amazing Carved Goddess Earrings by Offerings
1" including wires

Carved Goddess Pendant  Amazonite, Lapis, Blue Topaz, Pearl by Offerings
Can be worn as a pin or pendant
Approx. 1 1/2"  bail is hidden on the back

Carved Goddess Pendant  w/ Mystic Topaz by Offerings
Approx. 1 1/2"  including bail

Amazing Carved Goddess Pendant w/ Garnet and Tourmalated Quartz
Approx. 2"  bail is hidden on the back


Stunning Bold Sardonyx Smoky Quartz and Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace Collar

Incredible price on this gorgeous sterling necklace with pearl, smoky quartz and sardonyx. Weighs 112 grams, awesome!!!


Stunning Bold Snowflake Obsidian Sterling Silver Necklace Collar

Incredible price on this gorgeous sterling necklace with lots of awesome Snowflake Obsidians! Weighs 110 grams, a real statement piece!


Amazing Sterling Silver Amber, Garnet, Amethyst & Moonstone Pendant by Offerings
2" including bail




Sterling Silver  Iolite & Rainbow Moonstone Pendant by Offerings
1 1/2"





Necklace with Moonstone, Blue Kyanite Amethyst, Sterling Silver Collar

Weighs 138 grams, a real showstopper! You will feel like a queen in this!!!



Lovely Large Cognac Topaz Sterling Silver Topaz Pendant

It is a rich, gorgeous cognac color. It may have been heat treated to get this amazing color, so pretty!



Carved Goddess Collar by Offerings
One of a Kind
This is truly a stunning piece! Lots of sterling silver with iolite, moonstone, peridot, citrine, garnet and amethyst, lovely carved Goddess face.
The Goddess face is carved from amber and is a rich golden brown.
You will feel like a queen wearing this!


One of a Kind Carved Jasper Goddess Pendant by Offerings
This is truly a stunning piece! Lots of sterling silver with garnet, citrine, Black Star of India and lovely carved Jasper Goddess face.
It can be worn as a pendant or a pin.
Approx. 2 1/4"


Lovely Large Pink Topaz Sterling Silver Topaz Pendant

Great price on this gorgeous large pale pink topaz pendant!


Lovely Large Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Topaz & Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant


Large Carved Goddess Pendant with Gemstones

A serene Goddess is carved of bone. The pendant has garnet, moonstone and hematite, very good for stress!
Eye catching, a real statement piece!

This is a lovely pendant set in sterling silver.
Approx. 2"  with hidden bail in back


Carved Quartz Goddess Pendant  w/ Ruby, Garnet, Indigo Gabbro by Offerings
This is a lovely pendant set in sterling silver.
Approx. 2 1/2"  including bail


Large Labradorite Sterling Silver Pendant

with Hinged Bail



Large Rose Quartz Pendant with Iolite Sterling Silver Pendant


Stunning Bold Goddess Face Necklace from Sajen Offerings Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Fabulous Necklace!
One of a Kind
Mother of pearl, abalone, amethyst, peridot, ruby, iolite



Blue Chalcedony and Topaz Pendant by Offerings Sterling Silver
1 1/2" including bail


Large Amethyst and Larimar Sterling Silver Pendant



Stunning Bold larimar, blue topaz, amethyst & ammonite Sterling Silver Necklace

Weighs 90 grams, awesome!!! $299.99


Gorgeous One of a Kind Malachite, Moonstone, Shell and Prehnite Bracelet




Charoite One of a Kind Pendant in sterling silver

7/8" not including bail



Unusual Chrysocolla Druzy Pendant in Sterling Silver

1" $61.99

Cool Crystal Wand Pendant set in Sterling Silver

2" long




Sterling Silver Goddess Pendant with Kyanite


2" long including bail

Sterling Silver Goddess Pendant with Larimar


2 1/4" long including bail


Pentacle Elemental Pendant in Sterling Silver

with Moonstone, Iolite, Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine and Moldavite

1 1/4" diameter



Lavender Jade Dragon Pendant in Sterling Silver

with Moonstone, green Jade, ruby

1 1/2" diameter




Maiden, Mother, Crone Pendant with Charm on the Back
This is a stunning pendant with a moonstone to represent the Maiden, Garnet for the Mother and Onyx for the Crone.

The back of the pendant holds a special surprise for you only- a peaceful om symbol
2" including bail, truly wonderful!!!



Aqua Lemuria Three Stone Faceted Pendant

1" not including bail $124.99

The Heaven and Earth company reports that:

Aqua Lemuria is a rare type of Obsidian (volcanic glass) that's only found in the volcanic mountains of Sumatra an Indonesian island. Its energy is of the water element and is considered soothing and feminine. Activates the Heart and throat chakras, aiding in accessing the hearts wisdom so you can express and act upon it. Aqua Lemuria is another stone of unconditional love and is also a good aura balancer.


Copper Infused Turquoise Pendant #OAK3

1" Very Striking!


Chakra Tree of Life Pendant

Almost 2"

The chakras are represented by faceted stones:

Amethyst, Quartz,

Blue Topaz, Peridot, Citrine, Carnelian and Garnet


Wonderful Bronze Infused Purple Turquoise Bracelet
This is a beautiful bracelet, the turquoise is color enhanced with purple and gold hues. Gorgeous!
Adjustable from approx. 6"-8"


Wonderful Apatite and Amethyst Silver Pendant #OAK15 By Artist Zoe Di Negri

1 1/2" long





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