Whispers from a Horse's Heart ,touched by a horse oracle card deck


Touched by a Horse Oracle Deck

Whispers from a Horse's Heart

If you enjoy your daily Whispers from a Horse's Heart from your equine partner Wisdom, then you will be delighted reading the in-depth, prophetic messages from the rest of the herd.

What is so different about the Touched by a Horse Deck, other than their beautiful artwork? The inspiration and guidance that is offered on the cards will encourage you to reflect upon your dreams, desires, and challenges. Every day, just pick a card that appeals to you in that moment and read its message. You will be amazed with just how appropriate the message is to what you are feeling or dealing with. The Touched by a Horse Deck will often provide you with comfort as well as reaffirm your actions and decisions.


Touched by a Horse Inspirational Card Decks Offer Daily Insight and Encouragement  

Each gorgeous deck contains 52 unique 4” x 6” cards. $36.99

The just released Touched by a Horse Inspirational Card decks are flying off the  store shelves and quickly becoming a collectors’ item. This unique 52-card deck offers inspirational daily affirmations from award winning life coach Melisa Pearce along with dramatic equine images from renowned artist Jan Taylor.

The deck can be used to choose a thought of the day or an answer to a question; the synergy of the message and artwork offers an extraordinary insight into life situations. “Each time you select a card from the deck you receive a personal message that is perfect for you at that moment,” explained Melisa Pearce, creator of the Touched by a Horse Inspirational Cards.

“I’ve always been inspired by the relationship between horses and humans,” said Pearce. “These cards represent what I have learned over my lifetime with horses and hopefully offer some insight into what horses can teach us about ourselves and our lives.”

Jan Taylor has captured the essence of the horse’s spirit on each card. Paints, Arabians, draft horses and hunters each convey a different idea or concept, which is also expressed in written messages. Taylor’s luminous equines make these inspirational messages come alive. Included in the deck are passages for intimacy, centering and energy emblazoned with dappled Arabians, a herd of equine friends and a fiery chestnut respectively.

The card titled “Gratitude” features an insightful gray Arabian with the message “There is nothing more powerful than experiencing gratitude. Full and expressed gratitude for all parts of your life are being requested of you at this point. Notice all things large and small to place upon your gratitude list….” Each card conveys actions and messages that can be applied to daily life as well as specific situations.

Card creator Pearce has devoted her life to raising championship Paint horses, including the three-time World Champion Go Robin Bar. “I’ve been amazed at how horses mirror our emotions and traits,” explains Pearce, a psychotherapist for more than a decade. Pearce has been using the insight from horses not only her in psychotherapy and coaching practice, but also as a successful entrepreneur in a variety of business ventures.

Equine artist Taylor is famous for her unconventional approach with acrylic paint, using vibrant acrylic pigments like a watercolorist, with translucent, yet bold color. Her work has been displayed in private collections and galleries worldwide.

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