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We have over 200 decks in stock so we can get you just about any deck.  Here are some of our favorites and bestsellers

LEGACY OF THE DIVINE TAROT (78-card deck, guidebook & black organdy bag)

Step into a lost world from long ago, a world enshrouded in a veil of darkness after a cataclysmic collision that stilled the earth. Millennia pass and only humankind has survived - through the divine gift of prophetic dreams. Exquisitely rich and magical, this new tarot deck by digital artist Ciro Marchetthi takes you into the heart of fantasy and guides you toward hope, wisdom, and inspiration.

An insightful companion guidebook, Gateway to the Divine Tarot, presents the author's interpretations of each card's meaning and significance, along with additional perspectives from highly respected experts in the tarot community, including Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, James Ricklef, and Leisa ReFalo. 


Ludy Lescot Tarot Deck

by Patrizio Evangelisti

Ludy Lescot is a young esoteric and student of the arts, whom one could meet on the steamy streets in the New Orleans French Quarter. Ludy is very shy, but she unexpectedly gained renown when a few famous personalities declared that her valuable advice made a huge, positive impact on their lives. By faithfully following Ludy's notes and sketches, Patrizio Evangelisti designed a fascinating tarot deck with great symbolic power and expression, capable of touching the hearts of all who use it.

Includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet.



LEGEND: Arthurian Tarot Deck
Ferguson, Anna-Marie

LIGHT AND SHADOW TAROT (black-and-white 78-card deck plus book)
Williams, Brian & Goepferd, M.
$19.95 Limited availability

LORD OF THE RINGS TAROT DECK AND CARD GAME (78-card deck; with instructions for card game)
Donaldson, Terry et al.




LOVE IS IN THE EARTH CRYSTAL TAROT (boxed set of 79 cards + book)

The best-selling author of the Love Is in the Earth series developed and designed this Tarot deck based on Aleister Crowley's work and the associated symbology. On Crowley's recommendation that the Tarot should be modified when the humanity and the world have both changed, she has created a 79th card to mark our progression during this new millennium. The insights of the ancient Masters and the energies of the mineral kingdom provide clarity for this New Age.


Madame Endora Fortune Cards

This original deck of fortune-telling cards offers insightful advice concerning matters of love, money, health and general prosperity. The lush artwork is based on Old World myth and lore, and blends Egyptian, Celtic and Fantasy themes in an elegant Art Nouveau style. Each card features its own unique fortune for a quick reading. An easy-to-use instruction booklet is included to provide detailed definitions as well as various traditional and original divinatory spreads. Boxed set contains 48 cards, size 3x5.



Scapini, L.

Travel back to the grandeur of 15th century Italy through the art of this tarot deck. The Middle Ages are recreated with symbols, costumes, and settings against gold backgrounds.78 Card Tarot Deck.  


MORGAN-GREER TAROT DECK: A Modern Interpretation Of The Classic Waite Presentation

Full-color 78-card tarot deck illustrated by Bill Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan; this deck is a modern interpretation of the classic Waite Presentation---based on the continued knowledge, wisdom and interpretation of Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite.
Deck only-$16.99

Book and Deck $28.99

Waite, A.E. & Smith, Pamela C.

The Miniature Rider Waite Tarot Deck is a smaller version of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, the original and only authorized edition of the famous 78 card tarot deck designed by Pamela Coleman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite. $10.99


Noble, Vicki & Vogel, Karen


MOTHERPEACE TAROT DECK (small) (3" diameter)
Noble, Vicki & Vogel, Karen $18.99


Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck By Sage Holloway and Katherine Skag

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is here to assist you in realizing your Sacred Feminine essence. This 78-card deck and full color 128-page guidebook provide direct access to the Goddess through her many faces. These beautiful images are portals into dimensions of power and support. This easy-to-use tarot deck will bring joyful transformation to you and your world!

“The Mythical Goddess Tarot ... gives us the ancient future -- universal myths or stories of the deep feminine principle with new inspiration and hope that guide us toward a life of peace and love. Brilliantly painted, these compelling cards activate the wisdom of the ages embodied in our human unconscious. Now is the time for allowing these pulsing archetypal symbols to make magic, the bloodstream of the universe.” — James Wanless, author of the Voyager Tarot

See More Cards Here




Gonzalez, Magda Weck & J.A.


Gonzalez, Magda Weck & J.A.

NEFERTARI'S TAROTS (78 card deck printed in gold)
Alasia, Silvana
Nefertari, the bride of Ramses II, assisted her husband in the temporal ruling of Egypt and witnessed the great expansion of her country. She is considered the Light of Egyptùa symbol of the most beautiful aspects of this elegant and sophisticated civilization. The Nefertari's Tarots deck recreates the atmosphere and symbology so loved by Nefertari. The typical two-dimensional Egyptian artwork is given incredible life and luminosity by the rich, patterned gold foil background. Each card is labeled in five languages (Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish). Drawing upon the fascination and mystery of Egyptian culture, Alasia has created a beautiful deck that is also practical for divinatory purposes. 78 cards printed in gold with 14-pp. fold-out instruction sheet in English. $43.99

Out of Stock

NAPO TAROT DECK (2-3/4" x 4-7/8")
Napo $16.99









ORACLE OF VISIONS Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti

First Edition Oracle of Visions

 The Oracle of Visions is an eclectic selection of original imagery by Ciro Marchetti, the creator of the Gilded Tarot, Tarot of Dreams and Legacy of the Divine Tarot. The images are designed to provide flexible imagery that represent various human emotions, circumstances and behavior.

Sold Out


Palladini, D.

PAGAN TAROT (deck of 78 cards plus instruction booklet)
Pace, Gina et al.

"This long-awaited project combines Wiccan traditions with modern lifestyles. Based on elemental dignities and the traditional Tarot structure, it portrays the experiences of the modern Witch and pagan priestess, with its challenging but successful mixing of mundane life and problems with spiritual life and inner growth.



The Thoth Tarot was created by the famous occultist Aleister Crowley with Lady Frieda Harris, who painted the cards. Although Lady Harris knew little about the Tarot and its symbolism, under Crowley's guidance she transposed all the subtleties of his ideas into her paintings. Many a card was painted in several versions, until one of them was approved by Crowley. The deck was not published until 1969, after the deaths of both of its creators.

Out of stock

POCKET RIDER-WAITE DECK (3-1/2" x 2-1/4")
Waite, A.E. & Smith, Pamela C.

A pocket-sized version of the popular Rider-Waite Tarot. 22 Major Arcana / 56 Minor Arcana.


QUICK & EASY TAROT DECK (78 cards; 2-3/4" x 4-3/4"; interpretations printed on each card)
Lytle, Ellen
Tarot has never been easier to use! This colorful deck features each card's meaning printed right on the card, so there is no need to refer to a booklet. The illustrations are based on the Universal Waite Tarot deck, re-colored to add a contemporary appeal. Accomplished Tarot enthusiasts will enjoy this deck as much as beginners.



RABBIT TAROT Tarot Deck by Nakisha VanderHoven Small Press Adorable!

2nd Addition

The deck does not come shinkwrapped nor does it come with instruction booklet

The deck is a smaller deck, about 3 1/2", great for smaller hands!

The artist Nakisha has been reading tarot cards over 20 years. In January, 2009 she began work on the Rabbit Tarot. Eventually the project consisted of 78 unique images, including the classic 22 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana, all re imagined into the world of the Little White Rabbit.

The Rabbit Tarot features the Little White Rabbit and the Dutch (black and white) Rabbit. Instead of pentacles there are daisies, instead of swords there are carrots, tulips are cups and sticks are clubs.

This unique tarot deck is appropriate for all ages, especially those who collect tarot cards, rabbit fanciers, art collectors and the young at heart.

It will make you smile!!!


Williams, Brian $18.99


Waite, A.E. & Smith, Pamela C.







ROBIN WOOD TAROT DECK (78 card deck)
Wood, Robin

The Robin Wood Tarot is flavored wit vibrant nature imagery and luminous energies that enchant and stimulate Pagans and non Pagans alike. The shining strength of the Tarot deck lies in its depiction of the Minor Arcana. Unlike other decks, in which you sense that the artist may have found the Minor cards just a little repetitive, all of the cards in Robin Wood's deck spring to pulsating life. Even the novice reader will find theses cards easy to understand and enjoyable to interpret.



ROBIN WOOD TAROT (Spanish version: El Tarot De Robin Wood)
Wood, Robin

Currently out of print

Shakov, Yury



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