A Spell for Winning a Job
By Janina Renee
Use your favorite tarot deck with this spell
Perform this spell if you have your heart set on winning a certain job. 
The layout in the form of descending stairs shows the job coming down to you, 
and the responsibilities you seek being handed down to you. 
The first (top) card is THE EMPEROR, which can represent the company or institution 
that you want towork for, or a specific person, such as a boss or personnel officer, who has the
power to hire you. (If you know that the person in charge of hiring is a woman, 
or if the company or institution has a feminine "spirit" or "feel" to it, 
substitute THE EMPRESS CARD instead.) JUDGEMENT, the middle card, 
signifies that the employer judges you to be the best candidate; it also signifies employment 
and the changes and upgrading in your lifestyle that come with the job. 
The 8 OF PENTACLES shows you hard at work at your new job, enjoying your work and 
being totally absorbed in what you are doing. In advance of performing this spell, 
go to the building where you would like to work and, if possible, walk around its perimeter. 
(If you are sure that's where you want to work, even if you haven't had an interview, 
you could do this at the time you drop by to pick up an application or submit your resume;
 otherwise do this after your first interview, or whenever you have made up your mind that
that is the job you want.) Start on the east side of the building, and proceed
south, west, north, and then back to where you started.
 If something prevents you from walking around the building itself, then walk around the block
 that it is situated on. (If geographical features completely prevent you from encircling the area, 
don't worry  you can still perform the rest of the spell with effectiveness.)
While you are taking your walk, if you can do so inconspicuously, collect some material, 
such as leaves or a handful of dirt or dust, from each of the four sides of the building, 
as well as from near the front entrance or walkway where employees come and go. 
Take these things home and put them in a little bag or pouch along with some strands or clippings 
of your own hair. By mingling these elements, you will create an affinity and open a channel 
for sympathetic magic. Have this pouch on hand when you perform the spell, and, if possible, 
carry it with your pocket, purse, or briefcase when you go in for interviews.
As additional accessories for this spell, include near your card layout your resume or application, 
objects that symbolize or are used in the job you intend to perform, 
as well as materials from the company you want to work for, 
such as its want ad, publicity brochures, annual reports, etc. If you wish to use other
accessories, use candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and cloth to lay the cards upon, 
in shades or combinations of shades of gold or silver for attraction and prosperity, 
or white to represent pure psychic energy.
Perform this spell as soon as possible, once you've decided which job you would like to have.
To perform this spell, you may combine it with a ritual of your own, 
or simply proceed by laying out the cards and doing the following meditation, visualization, and affirmation.
When ready, set THE EMPEROR in place. Think of the company that you want to work for and any bosses and 
personnel officers that you have already met. Hold an image of them in your mind for a moment.
Next, set JUDGEMENT in place. Envision the desired employer making a decision in your favor and
 contacting you. Picture yourself being notified that the job is yours. 
Think of the elation that you will feel upon getting employment and being able to change 
and upgrade your lifestyle as a result.
Finally, set the 8 OF PENTACLES in place. Envision yourself settling in to your new job 
in your new work surroundings. Think of the fulfillment you will find in doing a job that's 
exactly right for you.
After you have finished meditating on the cards and visualizations, take up the pouch of 
materials you were able to collect from the company grounds. If you were unable to 
assemble those materials, take up any materials you do have that symbolize the job you want to win. 
Warm them with your hands as you carefully recite the following affirmation.
"With these cards and with this spell, I craft magical images. 
These images serve as a template for that which I desire.
(Name of company or person in charge of hiring) sees that my qualifications are good.
(Name) knows that I will be an asset to the company.
I am the one (name) wants.
Good news comes to me,
The job is mine!
I enjoy the job.
I do well at my job.
My job rewards me and fulfills me.
As I will according to free will. 
So it is and so it shall continue to be in a safe and healthy way."
You may consider the spell closed at this point, or you may close it by dismissing your deities. 
A suggested dismissal is:

"I give thanks to all of the spirits and elementals who have participated
here and I now dismiss you in love to go perform your appointed tasks and when you are 
done that you return to your natural homes, harming no one on the way. Bless it be and go in peace!"

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