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World Magic Candles

by Coventry Creations


Sweet Grass Candle
Awakening the Sweetness of Life. Sea Foam Green Candle.

Sweet grass has been used for centuries by the Native American people to cleanse away the worries, stress and energies that keep us apart from the sweetness of life. It is burnt to bring forth the wisdom of all peoples of Turtle Island (the Americas).


Lakshmi World Magic Candle
Sandalwood & Jasmine Magenta Candle.

Lakshmi opens the flood gates of heaven to fulfill your heart’s desire. The lotus, cow, elephant, seashell and the number 10 are all sacred to her.


Ganesha World Magic Candle

A vibrant pink candle with a sweet date, tangerine and bergamot scent. 2.5” x 6.5” pillar burns for 80 hours.

Ganesha is a hindu deity, lovingly known as the elephant god. He represents the call to spiritual awakening and power. He teaches us to balance our mind, to be strong enough to handle the tides of our external world and gentle enough to explore the realms of our inner world.

His message is:


Om sri Ganesha Namaha– Great Lord of Wisdom, Here I stand with so many decisions to make, with so many ways to turn. I beg your Grace. Please fill me with righteous judgment and clear discrimination as I lay all confusion at your feet and immerse myself solely in your being.

Even though his hands are very busy he always has one available to bestow blessings on anyone who asks.


Sacred White Sage World Magic Candle
Spiritually cleansing candle made with pure essential oils.

I use this sacred white sage to cleanse from me all the negativity and dissonant vibrations from my body, my home and my spirit.













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