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Color Symbology

Candle Color Symbology

Burn the color candle that corresponds to what you would like to manifest in your life!

White: Purity, truth, sincerity, spiritual strength, protection, peace bringing, pain releasing, all purpose.

Purple: Clarity of thought, richness, ambition, healing severe diseases, mental conditions, power.

Black: Turning back negativity, banishing, absorbing unhealthy attitudes and addictions

Blue: Patience, tranquility, wisdom, emotional and mental control, protection, happiness, calming.

Green: Healing, health, luck, fortune, growth, prosperity, bringing projects or plans to fruition, fertility

Yellow: Confidence, joy, intellect, communication, attraction, travel

Orange: Encouragement, stimulation, career, studiousness, courage, spontaneity, sexuality

Red: Passion, impulsiveness, increase energy, maintaining health, victory, cancer battling.

Rose/Pink: Love, communication with loved ones, passion, healing of spirit, relaxation, clean living

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