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Beautiful Batik and Velvet Cloaks and Capes

Elemental Cloaks

Four fabric art meditations on the natural elements of earth, water, fire and air. These images are all based around spiraling energies, set within the ancient mandorla shape symbolic of the Divine feminine. Invoke the four directions dressed in style! Or add a great accent to a costume.These are very soft, flowing garments with elegant lines. Extremely comfortable! These light Capes are designed to be a decorative accent or sun protection.
They tie under the neck, and are made of one layer of light, comfortable rayon. the design can be seen from both sides of the fabric.
Each piece is custom hand batiked with very bright permanent dyes.
Dimensions: the hood is about 1.5 feet tall from the neck tie, for a loosely draped cowl. From the neck tie drawstring to the bottom hem is 5 feet tall. If you are 5'5" or shorter, the front may hit the ground and may need to be hemmed up.

Air Elemental Cloak

Angels, Pegasus, fairies, birds of different sizes, and flying insects soar among rainbows and clouds to invoke the energies of air: freedom, clarity, expansion, vision. Usually ships in 10-14 days


Fire Elemental  Cloak

A golden dragon, symbolizing life force energy and longevity, holds a crystal ball in front of a blazing sun disc, invoking the energies of fire: energy, passion, light, movement.

Usually ships in 10-14 days



Earth Elemental Cloak

Mother Gaia holds a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, surrounded by her consorts the Green Man (spirit of vegetation) and the Horned God (spirit of the animal nature). Crystals and jewels are embedded in the rich brown soil. all invoking the energies of earth: steadiness, strength, nourishment, abundance.

Usually ships in 10-14 days



Water Elemental  Cloak

Four dolphin friends play with a Lord and Lady of the sea, among fish, seashell and waves, invoking the energies of water: Flowing, emotions, flexibility, relaxation, sensuality.

Usually ships in 10-14 days



Cotton Cloaks


Druid Robe

classic pullover robe (closed front) with fabulous hood
in tough black cotton or textured natural color cotton
generously cut to fit large men and women
size up to unisex XXL
Hand Wash. $119.99

Usually ships in 10-14 days



RW-BK  Wizard Robe

classic open-front ceremonial garb
in basic black cotton with peaked hood
(fits S-XL women and S-L men).
Hand Wash
- $9

Usually ships in 10-14 days


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