Legend The Arthurian Tarot

Reviewed by Sally

Written and illustrated by Anna Maire Ferguson with Poetry by Ray Rue. This comes as a set with the 78 cards and a well written book which includes poems.

The Arthurian legend has fascinated and enchanted the Western world for centuries and still does. The myths have now been joined with the symbolism of the Tarot. A blending of the traditional Tarot with Pagan and Christian symbols. The Legend Tarot has been created as a divinatory system which is rich and inspiring.

It has mythic elements from the Arthurian legend, the Celtic legends, medieval romances and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

I have used this deck over and over never tiring of its mystical journey. The deck incorporates traditional Tarot with legends of the old, it communicates through symbols and archetypes which enables you to grasp a higher knowledge of the great forces affecting ones life. In fact it was one of the first deck I started using, taking one sometimes on a romantic adventure back in time. A friendly deck with no nudity so children can explore the legend of Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, and Merlin.

The author, Anna-Marie Ferguson is a student of the Arthurian legends. With every card in this deck there is explanations in the well written book, these are the visions of Ferguson.

A timelessness of the legend has been skillfully rendered as usable in our modern day lives.

It does not require one to know the legend of Arthur for it has much to teach, season readers and beginners alike will love to use these cards. The book has divinatory meanings, and further insights of value describing elements of the legend by telling specific stories.

The Major Arcana

0 The Fool - Percivale

1 The Magician - Merlin
2 The Priestess - Nimue
3 The Empress - Guenevere
4 The Emperor - Arthur
5 The Hierophant - Taliesin
6 The Lovers - Gareth & Lyones
7 The Chariot - Battle of Mount Badon
8 Strength - Percivale's Vision
9 The Hermit - Lancelot in Exile
10 The Wheel of Fortune - Arthur's Dream
11 Justice - Lady of the Lake
12 The Hanged Man - Castle Perilous
13 Death - Gwyn ab Nudd & The Wild Hunt
14 Temperance - The Cauldron of Annwn
15 The Horned One - Cernunnos
16 The Tower - Vortigern's Fortress
17 The Star - The Firedrake
18 The Moon - Morgan le Fay
19 The Sun - Lleu
20 The Judgment - Avalon
21 The Universe - The Giants' Dance

The Minor Arcana

Ace of Spears - The Grail Lance
Two of Spears - Bedivere & Kay
Three of Spears - The Horse Fair
Four of Spears - La Cote Male Tail & Maledisant
Five of Spears - Pursuit of Igraine
Six of Spears - The Return of Ambrosius
Seven of Spears - Arch of Twelve Kings
Eight of Spears - The White Hart
Nine of Spears - Wind Harps of War
Ten of Spears - The Green Knight
Page of Spears - The Hare
Knight of Spears - Bedivere
Queen of Spears - Dindrane
King of Spears - King Pellinore
Ace of Swords - Sword of Strange Hangings
Two of Swords - The Knight of Two Swords
Three of Swords - Palomides
Four of Swords - Isolt of the White Hands
Five of Swords - Gawain's Penance
Six of Swords - The Eachtra
Seven of Swords - The Sword in the Stone
Eight of Swords - Guenevere at the Stake
Nine of Swords - Lily Maid of Astolat
Ten of Swords - Camlann
Page of Swords - The Adder
Knight of Swords - Gawain
Queen of Swords - Morgause
King of Swords - Mordred
Ace of Cups - The Holy Grail
Two of Cups - Tristram & Isolt
Three of Cups - The Dressing of the Sacred Spring
Four of Cups - The Fading Fellowship
Five of Cups - Lancelot & Elaine
Six of Cups - In Ector's Keeping
Seven of Cups - The Questing Beast
Eight of Cups - Chapel Perilous
Nine of Cups - The Healing of the Maimed King
Ten of Cups - Corbenic
Page of Cups - The Salmon
Knight of Cups - Galahad
Queen of Cups - Britannia
King of Cups - The Fisher King
Ace of Shields - Evalach's Shield
Two of Shields - Castle Pendragon
Three of Shields - The Homespun Tunic
Four of Shields - King Mark
Five of Shields - The Wasteland
Six of Shields - Castle of Maidens
Seven of Shields - Castle of Wonders
Eight of Shields - Wayland
Nine of Shields - Ragnell
Ten of Shields - Camelot
Page of Shields - The Badger
Knight of Shields - Bors
Queen of Shields - Igraine
King of Shields - Uther

Deck only $17.95

Deck, Book and layout sheet set $34.95

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