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Wind Chime Pendants


Angel Chime Necklace

the wind chime you can wear

When the wind blows, the angels dance.

 Heavenly tuning helps bridge the gap between the Physical and the Spiritual. Allows your Guardian Angel to descend to Earth delivering Blessings of Protection, Prosperity and Guidance.

The Angel Chime Pendant is diatonically tuned to harmonize with universal
musical vibrations. The genuine gemstone,
placed at the center of the pendant, contains beneficial qualities that may bring peace, prosperity, harmony
and good health.

It is said that when Angel Chime Pendant are rung, especially by children, the little angels rush down to earth from heaven because it reminds them of
the music they hear in heaven.

Wear the Angel Chime Pendant  and may its music enrich your life and bring you a piece of heaven here on earth.

Also called the Kimbaleh Necklace

Wonderful to hang from your car's rear view mirror!

The Angel Chime Wind Chime Pendant is 3 1/8" H and is pre-strung on a 34" L
Black Silk Cord.  $15.99


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