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Nocturne Alchemy Fine Egyptian Influenced Perfumes

Egypt.  The land of the Pharaoh, the Pyramids, the Nile, The myths of Dragons, Hieroglyphs, Temples, Tombs and the Life after.
Nocturne Alchemy presents perfume oils and fragrances inspired by the Gods, Goddesses, Temples and Deities of Ancient Egypt.  Unique gifts for the Pharaoh or the Queen in your life. 
Excavate the mystery with scents from Nocturne Alchemy.


New Nocturne Alchemy perfumes 5 ml $13

Cobra Venom -

Often depicted as a rearing headed Cobra, she is the protector of the Pharaoh. Found in Egyptian Art, a Pharaohs headdress alongside Nekhbet, the vulture Goddess and sculptures alike the Cobra or Wadjet was the predynastic Goddess of Lower Egypt.

NA has blended an oil using Egyptian White Carnation as the base of the Venom and Amber Musk, Vanilla Sugars and Warm Patchouli that when aged will become thicker and its scent will become more beautiful. This is already aged by a few months and with more age will become beautiful to the bearer during the coming summer months and ever more so during the fall of this year. Let her age or let her bite along your wrist and bring swift wafts of sensual Egyptian lore to your senses. Coming this summer is Skorpian Venom to pair with this beautiful enticing acrimony. "The Goddess Wadjet comes to you in the form of the living to anoint your head with her flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech; she rises up on your head during each and every hour of the day, even as she does for her father Ra, and through her the terror which you inspire in the spirits is increased ... she will never leave you, are of you strikes into the souls which are made perfect."

*From The Book of the Dead.

Egyptian White Carnation, Egyptian Vanilla Bean, Egyptian Amber Musk, Warm Patchouli and Spun Egyptian Snake Sugar. $13


Gold: Of Egypt GOLD -

The Sun Disk. The eyes of the Gods. Never tarnishing and never losing the richness of the metal Egyptians believed Gold was the skin of the Gods and only royalty and religion could aspire to ordain such beautiful fluid Sun.

In this third Gold: Of Egypt we bring forth the fluid nature of this precious metal and we gave it a scent of Agarwood, Resin, Incense and the smoke of Sage. It is a scent that will belong to you and make you stronger when you are not. A scent to bring spiritual enlightenment and light where there is none. All of this and the flecks of Gold Mica within the oil will glisten on your skin. Radiant Gold Mica flecks are blended into this third of three Gold: Of Egypt oils.

Agarwood, Amber Resin, Egyptian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Balsam, Cedarwood, Persian Sage and Wormwood. $13


Gold: Of Egypt SCARAB -

The Sun Disk. The eyes of the Gods. Never tarnishing and never losing the richness of the metal Egyptians believed Gold was the skin of the Gods and only royalty and religion could aspire to ordain such beautiful fluid Sun.

In our second Gold: Of Egypt we bring forth the darkness that is the Scarab and enrich it with the scent of Egyptian Black Vetiver, Stone Amber and the subtlety of Egyptian Amber Musk, a warming skin scent that will evoke the sensuality of shadow. All of this and the flecks of Gold Mica within the oil will glisten on your skin. Radiant Gold Mica flecks are blended into this second of three Gold: Of Egypt oils.

Egyptian Amber Musk, Egyptian Black Vetiver, Stone Amber, Cinnamon Bark, Pumpkin, Organic Cedar and a breath of warm desert air. $13

Gold: Of Egypt ANKH -

The Sun Disk. The eyes of the Gods. Never tarnishing and never losing the richness of the metal Egyptians believed Gold was the skin of the Gods and only royalty and religion could aspire to ordain such beautiful fluid Sun.

In our first Gold: Of Egypt we brought forth the life force of the Ankh and enriched it with the scent of Pine, Aged caramelized Amber with the subtlety of White Rose oil and the soft sweet nature of the flowers of a Vanilla bean. All of this and the flecks of Gold Mica within the oil will glisten on your skin. Radiant Gold Mica flecks are blended into this first of three Gold: Of Egypt oils.

The Sweetness of a White Rose, Pine Resin, Caramelized Amber and Vanilla Blossom. $13


Eternal Luxor -

The city of Luxor is full of this scent that comes in from the markets across the Nile. The scent of Coconuts and figs captured within the figment that is NA in our white Amber. We took our time for the coconut to age and with more time this scent will become harmonious to you during the summer months. I wanted something so similar to White Amber and blending these coconut oils and Fig oils we have achieved a balance of Egyptian Sun and the scent of the beauty that is Luxor.

NA Amber, Golden Egyptian Fig, Creamy Coconut Milk and Toasted Coconut Oil



Shadow: Dragons of Egypt:  Sekh-ba-RA Exclusive

 Shadow: Dragon of Egypt from Nocturne Alchemy

Exclusive to Magicalomaha.com!

The Lionesse Dragon of Influence and Power and one of the three daughters of RA.  She is vulnerable only when asleep.  She can maneuver thought with a glance of her eyes.  Her skin is the colour of yellow gold and her wings the vibrance of a fire under the poise of the sun.   Her scent is the perfume of her home on the water island.  Beauty and bounty in one.

 White Egyptian Tea Leaf, White Egyptian Musk, Rosewood, Arabian and Egyptian Sandalwood,  Coriander and Bergamot. $13.00



Ka Perfume By Nocturne Alchemy
The “KA” is a very important role in Egyptian Mythology. The figure of KA is the uplifted arms over a man/woman’s head thus showing reception of spirituality from human form to God. Embracing what the Gods offered. KA was also the spiritual entity that doubles every person. The KA would live with every human and continued to live on even after death as long as there was a place for it to go. This ‘soul’ form began the enlightenment of why the Egyptian mummified their dead. If the body decomposed thus would the KA of that body. If this happened their soul would die and they would lose their hope of eternal life within the afterlife.

NA’s White Amber, Dark Clove, Myrrh, Black Rose, Limonene, Apple and Mango.



Shabti Perfume By Nocturne Alchemy

Shabti or Ushabti are small figurines that dwelled with the sarcophagus in the burial chamber and with it’s owner. The more you had the better off you were in this life and in the next. Shabti were small figurines intended to substitute actual human labourers into the afterlife. Made of clay typically, wood or exotic gemstone dust they would accompany the deceased into the new realm. Said to come to life in the afterlife to assist the one that has passed-over in chores, cooking, and servitude. Their common shape is mostly mummyform and a big majority of them were made of Egyptian blue Faience.

Nocturne Alchemy proudly presents our ode to the Shabti that may surround us in the afterlife and in the time yet to come.

Black Linen, NA’s Dragon Blood, Blue Musk, Pineapple, Egyptian Sandalwood and Egyptian Coffee (Shabti needs this in the morning).





Cleopatra By Nocturne Alchemy

A Nocturne Alchemy Exclusive to Magical Omaha;


Beautiful, dangerous, "the new Isis" and a woman that would change Egypt forever.  Nocturne Alchemy is proud to present this Exclusive Magical Omaha-only fragrance oil.  A scent that captures the bravery of a Queen and the fragility of an unmended love.  Beautiful and evocative, a Queen of Egypt;

 White Musk, Egyptian White Musk, Hydrangea, Egyptian Amber, White Tea Leaves, StarFruit, Bergamot, Egyptian Jasmine, Basil oil and White Egyptian Amber with a drop of fig.

RA created this gorgeous blend for us!





Pyramid of Khufu By Nocturne Alchemy


The Great Pyramid of Giza, the only standing of the seven wonders of the world and built as the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu. Said to have been constructed over 20 years and 20 days this is still a wonder of architecture. Built of limestone, basalt and granite. The oldest and largest of the three Pyramids. Known now not to have been built by slaves but by the rural Egyptian people when the Nile was flooded and the agriculture suspended due to the flooding.

Nocturne Alchemy has tried to capture the scent of the sand and the limestone and the sweet breath of Egyptian amber breathing through the thousands of years of time sleeping before and after.



Tut Ankh Amun By Nocturne Alchemy


The Great Egyptian Boy King. Tut Ankh Amun, written in the three pieces he was the defined 'Living image of AMUN'. Born during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten he would become the youngest King of Egypt. In 1922 his tomb was discovered and unearthed by Howard Carter. He is one of the most iconoclastic figures in Ancient Egyptian History. The scent of a King. The scent of innocence. The scent of royalty. Golden Amber, Golden Egyptian Sandalwood and Golden Vanilla. Gold fit for a King.




Red Egypt By Nocturne Alchemy

Just as the sun God Ra reaches deep into the Earth the scent of heat enraptures the golden sand one last time grabbing at the golden droplets that cover the desert of Egypt. Trying one last time to find sanctity in it's sleep while reveling it's rays into the tiny gold mirrors that must turn to eventual dark night. Lavender, Acacia, Palmarosa and sleep surrounded blissfully by soft vanilla and subtle Egyptian Red Musk.

This scent is to be worn for sleep. Somber in it's scent, Red Egypt is the glow on the desert floor as the sun falls behind the mountains to sleep for another day. Subtle but lovely to have on your wrist or on your pillow when sleeping or after a long day and you need something wonderful to help you relax into your chair.



Akhenaten By Nocturne Alchemy


Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, born to Amenhotep III and his Queen Tiye, Akhenaten was not to be Pharaoh until the untimely death of his older brother Thutmose.

Akhentaten would marry Nefertiti by guidance of his Mother. Akhenaten would come Father to King Tutankhamun and become the heretic King of all Egypt. His face was seen as elongated and in the art that depicted him his body would be seen as a man and a womanave married the most beautiful woman in the history of Egypt. This scent is both masculine and feminine, beautiful and disfigured (the sharpness of frankincense) and an adoration of the alchemist of NA – to which it was intended to be… not forgotten but remembered. - one of my favorite "artists" of all time.

Lily, Magnolia, White Ginger, Amber, Kudzu Blossom, White Lotus, White Amber, Coriander, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Apricot, Grapefruit and a hint of Peach.

This is a gorgeous scent!



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