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Dragon's Eye Incense

From the makers of Escential Essences & Lunar Incense comes a new Premium Line of incense. The Dragon's Eye Blend uses the same premium quality oils used for "Escential Essences" line and they guarantee that all oils are cosmetic grade and skin safe. Every Incense stick is produced in the USA, Cruelty free and using the most environmentally sensitive production methods. 16 Sticks per Pack


Please choose from:

Buddhist Blend -- Contains the precious oils of the Cedar-Sandalwood and Patchouli plants
Caribbean Rum -- Vanilla blend with a few secret ingredients added.
Climax -- Breathtaking aroma honey blend
Dragon's Blood -- Pure, like none you've ever experienced.
Ecstasy -- A scent with zing - extremely refreshing.
Essential Amber -- Invokes warmth, lightly sweet and smooth
Essential Patchouli -- Pure, uncut and essential - best in the world (imported from Indonesia).
Essential Sandalwood -- Nothing synthetic, pure rich sandalwood

Pure Frank & Myrrh -Highly scented classic blend of Frankincense & Myrrh. Each pack is loaded with sixteen incense sticks.

Fire Dance -- Heightens the senses - warming feelings.

16 sticks per pack; cruelty free

Only $1.99!



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Indian Incense



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